The Band

Perfect Cluster was founded in 2009 with the intention to play live electronic music and to experiment with synthesizers, unconventional guitar sounds, effected vocals and textural drumming. The band's sound and style is heavily influenced by Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Kraftwerk and Nine Inch Nails though retaining it's own personality through the use of odd time signatures and extensive compositions, trying to blend catchy melodies with avant-gard like harmonies and song structures. The members of the band all have a strong individual musical background, and it's such difference that leads to Perfect Cluster's unique sound, a tight and contaminated crossover between rock and electronic.

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Perfect Cluster

We are Perfect Cluster

Riccardo Chiarucci

Riccardo Chiarucci - Lead vocalist

Riccardo Chiarucci, on vocals and electronics, owes his background to 90s grunge bands such as Pearl Jam and Nirvana and to the industrial alternative scene led by Nine Inch Nails, along with plenty of house, techno and electronic from the 2k scene. Currently he's involved as a singer, Dj and producer in several musical and multimedia projects.

Luca Cecchi

Luca Cecchi - Guitars

Luca Cecchi, on guitars, takes his musical inheritance from the great 70s rock bands, including Led Zeppelin and King Crimson. Sure enough he's the blues side of PC! Other musical projects and incarnations he currently works with include his own band Merrie Go Round and, since 2011, My Tin Apple.

Ian Da Preda

Ian Da Preda - Vibist and Synthesist

Ian Da Preda, electronic drummer, vibist and synthesist, has payed his dues as a jazz vibraphonist, being this his current main activity, although he's also a music educator and, occasionally, a scorewriter. In his spare time he gets addicted to italian 50s-70s movies, and, most of all, their soundtracks!

Our Albums

Noise Pleasure


Recorded ad Shrunken Heads Studio, Virus Studio and Malletman Studio
Mixed and Mastered at Shrunken Heads Studio by Alex Franklinos
Cover made by Mattia Capitani and Luigi De Santis

  1. Get It Loud
  2. Fader
  3. Speed
  4. Slide Out
  5. Mind Control (Extended Version)
  6. Slightly
  7. Flow
  8. Maggiolino
  9. Subway
  10. Magic Paper
  11. After The Suicide
Noise Pleasure

Mind Control (Single Version)

Label: Psychonavigation Records/Nippi Records
Recorded & Mixed at Entropya Studio by Stefano Bechini
Cover made by Corrado Tiralongo

  1. Mind Control
Noise Pleasure

Noise Pleasure Remix

Label: Psychonavigation Records/Nippi Records
Cover made by Corrado Tiralongo

  1. John Wayne (2Eat Rmx)
Noise Pleasure

Noise Pleasure

Label: Psychonavigation Records/Nippi Records
Recorded & Mixed at Mosaico Studio by Raffaele Marabini
Cover made by Corrado Tiralongo

  1. Crushed
  2. Crash
  3. No depression
  4. Reach you
  5. John wayne
  6. Feel love
  7. Right or wrong
  8. Womoon
  9. Noise pleasure
  10. Suicide risk


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